Thursday, December 29, 2005

Theatre 99 Opening

Thanks to everyone who made it out to the opening at Theatre 99. It was great to see the gang at Theatre 99. Brandy, Timmy, and Greg, better known as the Havenots really went out of their way to help me hang the show and get the word out. The Charleston City Paper and Sara Miller really came through by making the opening a "city pick" of things to do that night.

Many of my old school friends came out to say hello like Mr. Gold Sounds himself, Carter McM and my old "boss" and fellow Kevn Kinney fanatic Bobby Bostic. It just so happened Kevn Kinney was playing that night in town so I ended up at a new place called the Pour House on James Island listening to Kevn Kinney and Michelle Malone trade songs all night. It was a nice way to wrap the evening.

We sold 10 paintings that night and I think we have sold another 5 or 6 since then. So there are still plenty left to go and check out. Plus the beautiful posters that Nick "Danger" Wilson made are on sale now for $10-$15 and these are a limited edition. So get one before they are gone. If there are any left over after the show comes down I will post them for sale online.

It was also a pleasant surprise to see designer-extraordinaire David "end of print" Carson show up for the opening as well. I ran into him on the street the day before the opening and he was nice enough to chat about design with me for awhile. He came out to the show and we talked for awhile about designer toys, art, and design education. Check out his site at

Here are some pictures from the show. I wish I had a better variety but my camera was dying.


Barb said...

Can't decide which is my favorite picture. Love the spotted creatures in the second picture, as well as the red dog under them. Of course, there is always the crowd of Unwantables in picture three. Hmmmmm.

Sara Miller said...

Hi Marius! I know this post is old, but I just saw it tonight, and thanks for the shout-out! My mom loves the painting I got her from this show ... it's the one that was in the foyer, on the right side. She calls it "The Hi and Goodbye Guy" (she put him in the front hallway, sort of near the door). Looking forward to your next show in Charleston!