Sunday, December 11, 2005

I Blog therefore, I am.

Well, it's almost 2006 and I am in the middle of trying to completely update my website at The original site went up in 2002 but I have just been too busy with grad school and starting a new career as a teacher to update it properly. The site has been way more successful than I ever really imagined it would be. The internet has allowed me to meet people from all over the country and get my work out to places I would have never imagined a few years ago.

I don't really intend to use this blog to tell you my deep dark secrets but rather as a way to post news, artwork and ideas and allow you to respond if you want. I hope this will also be a quick way to get news out and post art for sale etc.

So here's an update of things going on ......

Today I am preparing for a show of my new work at Theatre 99 in Charleston, SC. The opening reception will be this Wednesday, December 14 at Theatre 99 on Meeting Street in Charleston. It starts at 6 PM and ends at 7:30. Theatre 99 has a bar so come on down for a drink. The theatre is above The Bike Shop and it's a really cool space. Theatre 99 has a ton of really great comedy shows and if you've never been they are fun. If you come to my opening, you are welcome to come back at 8 for a free show.

The show will have about 50 paintings on canvas ranging in size from 18x24 to 36x48. The prices will range from $40 to $200 and there will a very limited amount of silk screened posters designed and printed by my new friend, Nick "Danger" Wilson.

The best part of the show at Theatre 99 is that 25% of all sales will go towards helping Theatre 99 install a new elevator lift for handicapped visitors. Theatre 99 and The Have Nots Comedy troupe have done so much to help local artists in Charleston and the Performing Arts that I am glad that I can contribute back a fraction of the support they have shown me over the last 3 years.

Come on down and say hello and please spread the word. You will be able to take a painting home with you and they make a great gift or at least that's what I am told. I try to price my artwork so that they are affordable and you will also be helping out Theatre 99.

NEW WEBSITE ALMOST READY 2.0 should be up and running hopefully by Wednesday but maybe the end of the week. I have updated every section from my previous site including at least 100 new pieces of artwork from my time in Virginia. I probably have too much work on there but I personally love being able to sort through an artist's work to see the wide variety. i understand why many artists feature only their best work but I have found my favorite pieces are often different than other people's and vice versa. So i would rather just put it all out there and let you decide how much you want to see.

So that's my 1st blog and I will be updating it all the time so check back from time to time. As soon as I learn to post pictures and links and things, I will be putting all sorts of stuff on here. It will probably be more a visual blog than anything.

I hope to see you at Theatre 99 this Wednesday.


bigumdaddy said...

woo hoo!!!! first poster. loving the site, can't wait for the email with my new potential pieces in it. said...

Wow! love the SPCA posters!! great work and for the best of our 4 legged and other friends! Wish we could have made the Theatre 99 time.Keep up the great energy!