Thursday, October 25, 2007


The stars of the show were The Unwantables. They hope to make a comeback in 2008. I showed an animated movie I made, which I need to post on here I guess. I also had a bunch of my process work for the movie, about 300 Unwantables sculpy figures on the floor, paintings on the walls, and then I gave away 200 sculpy figures that night (gone in an hour) that were packaged with my artist statement about the show. It was a fun night but I was too tired to enjoy it. If you have any interest, google "marius valdes VCU Thesis" and you can read way more about it than you probably ever wanted to.

I think the 8 foot Unwantable Painting when you walk in the door of the exhibit lives in the basement of the VCU Grad student building at 1315 Floyd Avenue in Richmond, VA. I should really go liberate him, or maybe someone else should! Let me know if you do and we'll feature him on the blog.

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