Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Frankin the dog

the paint is still wet on this guy. This will be my last pet portrait for a few months while I work on some other creative endeavors. What a great dog to finish with.


Anonymous said...

We love the portrait! You captured his eyes, moustache and stance perfectly. We already have a place for it in the new house. What a great gift! Thank you so much. Steve

Anonymous said...

i like the fact the dog shows character of an old man, resembles a painting teacher that does not wear a green hat but a panama hat. He teaches color theory chainti and dark beer. i love the complementary colors fliped where the red green are not touching and blue is half way in the orange. don't know if it was on purpose but it adds a nice touch.

Anonymous said...

Dig the hat. Nice Color combos. Most Halarius. I'm super ceral.